Success story: Bäko Rhein-Mosel eG X Simplejobs — Working together for the future of logistics

Success story: Bäko Rhein-Mosel eG X Simplejobs — Working together for the future of logistics
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Diana Tekue
Marketing Managerin bei Simplejobs | Erfahrene Recruiting-Expertin

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An overview of the challenges

  • Challenge: Difficulties in finding qualified personnel.
  • Solution: Simplejobs used tailor-made digital campaigns to reach just the right talent for Bäko. “SimpleJob exceeded our expectations,” says Mr. Marschke.

Quick success

  • 276 candidates contacted
  • 8 interviews
  • Set 6 perfect matches

The cooperation strengthens our position and adapts us to the modern working world. “The collaboration was effective and enabled us to quickly find the right applicants,” reflects Mr. Marschke.

How it all began

In the dynamic world of logistics, companies are always challenged to find and retain qualified employees. The partnership Simplejobs and Bäko Rhein-Mosel, one of Bäko's many regional cooperatives, is a prime example of how innovative recruiting strategies and close cooperation pave the way for successful recruitment.

Tradition in transition: The challenge of modern recruiting

With an annual turnover of 2.5 billion euros (2022) and a team of over 3,296 employees, Bäko has established itself as a strong partner for bakers and confectioners. But with tradition comes the challenge of meeting modern requirements — particularly when it comes to recruiting personnel.

In conversation: The search for solutions and the decision for Simplejobs

To dive deeper into the challenges and solutions, we spoke to Mr. Marschke, HR manager at Bäko Rhein-Mosel, about his experience with Simplejobs:

Simple jobs: Mr. Marschke, what difficulties did Bäko Rhein-Mosel have in finding personnel before working with Simplejobs began?

Mr. Marschke: As a traditional company, we no longer reached our target group as desired via traditional channels. We needed an innovative approach to finding qualified delivery drivers and warehouse workers.

Simple jobs: What ultimately convinced you to choose Simplejobs for your recruiting needs?

Mr. Marschke: Choosing Simplejobs was easy. The young team's reach and ability to quickly present qualified candidates exceeded our expectations. The HR startup offered access to resources and channels that we had previously lacked.

Successes and results of cooperation

The cooperation with Simplejobs was productive from the start, characterized by effective communication and a deep understanding of Bäko Rhein-Mosel's needs:

  • 276 applicants contacted: Targeted approach to potential candidates.
  • 8 job interviews: Careful selection and evaluation of candidates.
  • 6 successful settings: Quick and tailored filling of vacant positions.

The Simplejobs approach is characterized by intensive qualification interviews with potential applicants, in which the hard and soft skills of the applicants are compared with the requirements of the company and the position to be filled. Based on these interviews, Simplejobs then presents a clear but tailor-made selection of applicants that fits 100% and can be hired immediately.

Simple jobs: How would you describe the collaboration and the results achieved?

Mr. Marschke: The collaboration was very effective. Simplejobs understood our requirements precisely, which enabled us to quickly find the right candidates and fill all positions successfully.

Simple jobs: What impact did this successful recruitment have on Bäko Rhein-Mosel?

Mr. Marschke: In addition to successfully filling jobs, we gained valuable insights into the applicant market and strengthened our employer brand through improved offers and working conditions. The transparent and honest feedback from Simplejobs has helped us adapt our workplaces to the wishes and demands of employees — a necessity today!

Future prospects: A continued partnership

In light of the positive experiences, Bäko Rhein-Mosel plans to continue working with Simplejobs in order to effectively master future HR challenges.

Simple jobs: Are there any future plans to work with Simplejobs?

Mr. Marschke: Yes, we see a continued partnership as a big win. Experience has shown us that Simplejobs is a key partner for our future recruitment strategies.


The partnership between Bäko Rhein-Mosel and Simplejobs impressively demonstrates how traditional companies can overcome HR challenges and prepare for the future through innovative recruitment strategies and the right partnerships.

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