Success story: Bellersheim X simpleJob — Innovative partnership at the heart of logistics

Success story: Bellersheim X simpleJob — Innovative partnership at the heart of logistics
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Diana Tekue
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The partnership that changed everything

In the constantly changing logistics sector, it is essential for companies to find qualified specialists and retain them for the long term.

The collaboration between SimpleJob and Bellersheim shows how new recruiting approaches and a strong partnership effectively pave the way for filling important positions.

Challenges and choosing the solution

Mr. Marx, head of HR at the Bellersheim Group, uses his more than 25 years of experience in the company and his expertise from the financial sector to strengthen the personnel strategy. Bellersheim, a versatile provider in the waste management, energy, logistics, lubricants and gas stations sectors, benefits from its management at the Neitersen site. He is not only employed there as an authorized signatory, but also plays a central role in the fight against the shortage of skilled workers by filling positions effectively.

Prior to working with SimpleJob, Bellersheim faced the problem of a serious shortage of truck drivers, which prevented the company from accepting all orders. On the recommendation of a business partner, Bellersheim took the step of testing SimpleJob for recruiting truck drivers. Despite initial skepticism, this decision led to the successful deployment of qualified employees and opened up new paths for company growth.

Mr. Marx's experience and initial skepticism

For a deeper insight into the specific challenges and proven strategies, we had a conversation with Mr. Marx, who shared his perspectives and success stories with SimpleJob.

SimpleJob: “Mr. Marx, how do you rate the use of SimpleJob compared to traditional recruiting platforms, particularly in terms of the efficiency and quality of pre-selection?”

Mr. Marx: “The precise pre-selection that SimpleJob offers in my opinion is missing from other recruiting platforms. SimpleJob was able to act quickly and effectively thanks to extensive data potential, which enabled us to attract qualified employees to our company in a very short time. To be honest, this speed and efficiency surprised me positively.”

The successful hires put Bellersheim back on track for success. Mr. Marx, impressed by SimpleJob's efficient placement of professional drivers, decided to use the service for commercial positions as well.

Results of collaboration:
  • Time period: 6 months
  • Careful selection of potential candidates: 81 suitable candidates contacted
  • Quick and qualified filling of vacancies: 5 successful hires

SimpleJob's approach is based on detailed qualification interviews with potential candidates. They then offer a selection of suitable candidates who can be used directly to strengthen the team. #keineZeitarbeit

SimpleJob: “How do you rate the collaboration with SimpleJob in general?”

Mr. Marx: “Our collaboration with SimpleJob is characterized by excellent and detailed communication that really stands out. Based on the positive experiences and successful job openings that we have achieved together, I would undoubtedly recommend SimpleJob.”


The collaboration between Bellersheim and SimpleJob demonstrates how jobs can be successfully filled through targeted recruiting strategies and effective partnerships. Thanks to SimpleJob's precise comparison with the required qualifications and close communication, Mr. Marx was able to find suitable employees for Bellersheim in various areas. This success reinforces the importance of innovative recruiting solutions to secure the future of established companies.

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