Active sourcing: definition, examples and methods

Active sourcing: definition, examples and methods
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Are you struggling to attract top talent using traditional recruiting methods?

Are you struggling to attract top talent using traditional recruiting methods? Qualified talent is often difficult to find and even harder to retain them in the long term. In today's job market, it is no longer enough to place job advertisements and wait for applications.

Active sourcing is becoming a game changer in recruiting, which enables companies to proactively get in touch with potential candidates.

The basics of active sourcing

Active sourcing is a recruiting approach that is characterized by actively approaching potential candidates instead of passively waiting for applications. This method enables companies to directly target talent, particularly those who are not actively looking for new work.
By using platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing or Indeed, but also by participating in industry events and building their own talent pool, companies can establish a relationship with potential applicants and win them over in a targeted manner.

Benefits of Active Sourcing with Simplejobs

  • Access to passive candidates: Many highly qualified candidates are not actively looking for jobs. Simplejobs helps you to address these passive talents directly and get them excited about your company.
  • Faster filling of vacancies: By proactively approaching, vacancies can be filled more quickly, as there is no need to wait until the perfect applicants come by themselves. Simplejobs streamlines this process by using advanced data analysis and AI technologies to identify the best candidates. Through a targeted career search, we identify suitable candidates, proactively address them and attract the one with the highest match for your company so that no more jobs remain vacant
  • cost savings: By reducing or completely avoiding job advertisements, significant costs can be saved. In addition, a targeted search reduces the effort and time that must be invested in reviewing unsuitable applications.
  • Building a talent pool: Simplejobs applicant pool comprises 120,000+ qualified applicants, whom we can address directly and inspire them for their jobs. With reverse recruiting, we can present you with suitable candidates within 24-72 hours!
  • Increased quality of applicants: By getting to know candidates personally and pre-qualifying by experienced recruiters, Simplejobs ensures that only applicants who meet your company's requirements are presented. To do this, our recruiters conduct telephone interviews to check the candidates' soft and hard skills.
  • Continuous improvements: Based on this data, we can continue to optimize our active sourcing and response rate. We provide important hiring insights to your ideal candidates in order to always be one step ahead of the competition and reduce turnover to a minimum.

What are the disadvantages of active sourcing?

Despite the many advantages, active sourcing can of course also cause problems. Compared to traditional applications, active sourcing requires more time to search for and coordinate candidates. Of course, it takes more work to approach candidates yourself instead of waiting until an application is sent in.

However, Simplejobs makes this process as efficient as possible by using cutting-edge AI tools, specialized processes and experienced HR consultants so that you can enjoy all the benefits of active sourcing!


Active sourcing is more than just a method of recruiting; it is a strategic decision that enables companies to proactively take control of their talent acquisition.

With the support of Simplejobs, you can ensure that your company is able to quickly and efficiently identify and attract the best talent on the market. By integrating active sourcing into your recruitment strategy, you position your company as an attractive employer in a competitive environment.

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